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We create opportunities for those who have none

We help disadvantaged youths with education and career opportunities in the Digital sector, Data Science, and AI.


The Foundation

Wonder Foundation is the charitable organization of Wonderflow, a Dutch-Italian company with offices in Amsterdam and Trento. Over the last years, starting from zero, we developed Europe's top-performing Natural Language Processing platform. Our AI has helped many of the world’s largest brands to deliver better experiences to over 1 billion people globally.


From day one, the founders, Riccardo Osti, Giovanni Gaglione, and Michele Ruini, have strived to create an inclusive working environment. Today, we have a marvelous team of more than 100 professionals from 10 different countries. More than 50% of our colleagues are women.


We would have never accomplished our growth without our people, their culture, their diversity, their faith. For this reason, we decided to take a step forward: give back.

Riccardo Osti  - Chairman

Image by Franck V.


Wonder Foundation helps youths from disadvantaged families get access to education and career opportunities in the Digital Industry, Computer, Data Science, and AI.


We scout the most determined adolescents, and we provide them with grants to study and mentoring. Moreover, we offer them jobs opportunities at Wonderflow, and at our Partners.

The first batch of candidates will start in 2020.


Wonder Foundation is managed completely pro-bono, by

  • Riccardo Osti (Chairman) 

  • Michele Ruini (Secretary)

  • Johan Brekelmanks (Treasurer)


You represent a University, a Specialization School or a Learning Platform. You can help us by offering your courses for free, or discounted.


You are an individual with extensive experience in the web/digital sector, data science or AI and you want to mentor the candidates.


You are an individual and have the ambition to help others become more successful. You can help us by finding, and supporting candidates.


You want to contribute but you don't have enough time or competence? You can still support the Wonder Foundation with a donation


Do you think you can support our foundation and its activities? 

Please note that all partners offer their support pro-bono, and nobody is paid to do so. What do you get in return?

Three great things:

  1. You help someone that wouldn't make it without you. That's priceless

  2. You get access to our amazing network of companies and executives

  3. You get an invite to our exclusive yearly event, where you can connect with like-minded people

Get in touch

Do you think you can support our foundation and its activities?

Get in touch with us.

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